Benefits of Himalayan Salt Saunas

The pink salt found in Himalayan Salt Saunas was formed over 250 million years ago from the evaporation of ancient oceans when pollution did not exist and planet Earth was a pristine ecosystem. The salt from the Himalayan Mountains is as pure as the primal seas themselves and contain all the minerals and trace elements essential to human life. Combined with heat, Himalayan salt has remarkable healing properties and has been used as therapy for centuries (Speleotherapy).


  • Warmth of Saunas opens the pores of the skin, allowing easy absorption of the 84 healing minerals found in Himalayan salt
  • Harvard study reports that regular Sauna use results in positive cardiovascular health by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol
  • The combination the Sauna’s heat and the Salt’s minerals raise the body’s metabolic rate and improves thyroid function which results in increased weight loss
  • Saunas help rid the body of toxins
  • Heated Himalayan Salt helps to balances hormones
  • When Himalayan Salt is heated and inhaled it improves lung functions and can cure chronic asthma, allergies and other respiratory ailments
  • Heated Himalayan Salt improves skin and can cure eczema, psoriases and other skin ailments
  • Heated Himalayan Salt creates a bacteria-free environment and helps fight viruses
  • Saunas increase circulation to the skin and help prevent cellulite
  • Himalayan Salt Saunas ease stiff muscles
  • Heated Himalayan Salt releases negative ions which neutralize the positive charge of electromagnetic radiation (cell phones, computers) in our bodies which weakens the immune system.
  • Saunas reduce the effects of stress
  • Himalayan Salt Saunas help regulate blood pressure, blood sugar and pH acid levels

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Himalayan Salt & Respiratory Health

Himalayan salt has a variety of health properties, though it is widely known for it’s respiratory benefits as it is a negative ion generator which purifies the air.  The purification of air through negative ion generation is called hygroscopy. The Himalayan salt attracts water molecules and foreign particles that may be carrying dirt, allergens, mildew and dust.  When the salt is heated (on a salt wall or salt lamp) the water molecules are released back into the air free from the pollutants trapped inside.

ALLERGIES: Using Himalayan salt walls or lamps in your bedroom, living room, office or kitchen is a beautiful and highly effective way of purifying your air and decreasing allergens (such as pet dander and pollen) and will help relieve allergy symptoms.

ASTHMA: Those suffering from asthma are even more irritated by air impurities. Using Himalayan salt to eliminate impurities from your common spaces can be very beneficial not only for those suffering from asthma, but other respiratory issues like bronchitis as well.

COUGHING: An overabundance of positive ions in the air can actually have adverse effects on your breathing as they slow down your cilia (the microscopic hairs that line your windpipe), thus preventing them from keeping contaminants out of your lungs. On the other hand, negative ions released by heated Himalayan salt actually increase cilia activity and help your body filter foreign pollutants.